Thursday, March 31, 2011

Packed for quilt retreat

Packed for quilt retreat by wading moose
Packed for quilt retreat, a photo by wading moose on Flickr.
Off for the weekend to a quilt retreat. Here's my IKEA box packed up with three projects, a fat quarter for the giveaway and just a bit of thread.

I do realize that three projects is a bit ambitious. To be honest, I've got three and I haven't a clue what I want to work on so there ya go.

I wanted to pack my scrap basket as well, but I've convinced myself not to.

Here's what I'll be working on.

12+2=Q from Oh Fransson!

A Christmas Hunter's Star
I need to move some of the gold around a bit, there will be a 2" red border and a 4" green border added to this.  Just need to sew up the blocks and add the borders.

And finally Two of a Kind

Everything is cut out.  This is going to be the bulk of my sewing for the weekend, I'm sure.

All of that is folded up into a box from IKEA in that first picture.  Each project has it's own bag and the pattern or the magazine is underneath.  I feel so organized which means I'm going to forget SOMETHING important.

First stop tomorrow is a quilt shop to pick up a chocolate solid to finish off the Oh Fransson pattern.  Then off I go.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm going to a quilt retreat!

Why yes, I am excited.  It's my first retreat with my Mom's quilt guild and it's in a week and a half.  First off, I'm going to have to travel, so Mom has suggested that I pack light - in other words - leave the cutting board and rulers at home.  Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  But what if I need them?  To, I don't know, straighten a block?  Trim something?  Slit my wrists after spending an entire weekend with Mom?  (Kidding. I would never)

She assures me that I can use hers if I need to, but suggested that I have everything cut before I get there.  That?  Makes sense.  It makes perfect sense.  So this week (and this weekend) I'm in prep mode.  Last night I pressed a bunch of fat quarters that'll get cut (maybe even tonight) in preparation for a quilt I've been eyeing since 2008 (if the date on the front of the magazine can be trusted)

I need to cut out borders for my hunter's star quilt.

I read the instructions for this owl applique quilt and decided that I clearly need an engineering degree to follow her bizarre instructions so I set it aside for a weekend not filled with other people.  When I read them, all I can think is, "Ok, but why?"  Which sucks because I love the pattern.  It's just so cute.

And I realized I need to get looking at supplies I'll need.  For example:  Thread.  I. Need.  Thread.  Even if I wasn't sneaking off for a weekend of sewing, I need thread.  I'm completely out of thread.  No wonder I haven't been sewing at all lately.

I need batting for a 60" x 80" quilt.

I need to be realistic about what I really can finish in a weekend away.  Because part of me wants to pack up everything quilty that I own.  You know.   Just in case I don't want to sew on borders.   Or sew up that batik quilt that's been calling me for 3 years.

Maybe I'll pack some books in case I don't want to sew.