Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random post of randomness

Well, it's been a week since I posted last.  I have finished up my postage stamp quilt top.  It looks rainbow-riffic, but you'll have to take my word on it.  Taking pictures of it last weekend took a backseat to some other stuff.

The big thing that happened last weekend was a friend's 40th birthday.  It's kind of a strange friendship that I'll try to explain.  Mr. Moose and I play World of Warcraft.  For what it's worth, this here is my character
Ok.  so there you have my dirty secret.  I'm a quilting, gaming geek.  It does have something to do with the rest of this post, I swear.  (Also, I'm not that angry)

In Warcraft, you can play in guilds.  Basically a guild is a group of other people playing the game.  The guild we're in, everyone is in because of personal connections to someone else in the guild which means most of the people actually live in our city, or not far away.

The birthday party we attended was for one of our guild members.  I'll call him Thirsty.  Mr. Moose and I had not met Thirsty (or any of the rest of the guild) before this.  Hello - most awkward blind date I've ever been on.

It was so much fun.  It was at a bowling alley in the city and we met four people we've only talked to online (almost daily) for the last two years.  I was hugged by all of them.  Of course I started the night off sober.  Normally I'm not a touchy feely person.  I like my personal space thank you very much.  When Dex approached me and gave me a hug, my thought process was something like this: "What the?  A hug? Noooooooooo!"  But of course I hugged him in return.  Ditto Nacht.

By the end of the night when Yerok and Thirsty wanted hugs?  My thought process was this:  "Woo hoo! Hugs!"

So, you may have guessed that much happened between the first two hugs and the last.  Several hours and a lot of vodka, in fact. 

Which is why there are no pictures of my postage stamp quilt top.  I don't get painful hangovers.  Mainly because I make sure I drink plenty of water before I go to bed.  It took me until 4am to feel like I'd had enough water to compensate for the dehydrating alcohol.  I got up about 4 hours later at 8 am.  I spent a very fuzzy and lazy day.  VERY fuzzy and lazy.  Taking pictures of a bright and colourful quilt just wasn't even on my radar, which I regret now since I love it so much.

It didn't stop me from stopping Mr. Moose on his way to bed at 2am on Sunday morning to hold up the quilt I'd sewn up Saturday morning to make him look at it.  It's got his approval, if that helps.

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