Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quilt Retreat and WIPs

It's Wednesday which means it's time to review my works in progress.  It also means the day the freeway was shut down for a fatality accident and fuel spill, the day it snowed again, the day I forgot my security badge, couldn't find my house key AND got to work to find the ladies washroom out of order. 

BUT, my WIP review is making me feel better.

Plus, this weekend I get to go to a quilt retreat.  A whole weekend of nothing but sewing.  I think I'm being overly optimistic with my plans, but I've often come up short on projects at other quilt retreats so I'm planning big this time.


1. Batik wall hanging - Love this quilt so much you get to see yet another picture of it.  Or two.

Finished Quilt Tops

1.  Batik Squares 
2. Snowballs (or fire and ice balls)
3.  Strawberry fields postage stamps
4. Halloween wall hanging

The Rest

1.  Flying Geese - Found all the bits for this and packed it up for Quilt Retreat.
2.  Pinwheel sampler - Cut sashing strips, packed for Quilt Retreat. 
3.  Daisy Doodles - Messed up cutting one of the strip sets so I'm short a row on one of the nine-patch blocks.  I do have fabric left to complete this.  All the rest of the rows are complete and sewn together.  This is 95% complete.
4.  Log cabin table runner FINISHED!
4.  Spring flowers - No progress.
5.  Stash busting triangles - All of the triangles are cut and it's packed for the quilt retreat.

6.  Stash Busting wedges - No progress.

7.  Stash busting hourglasses - All of the squares are cut, paired up and marked for sewing half square triangles.  Packed and ready to go to the Quilt Retreat.

8.  Batik plus sign quilt - Stitched together another block on the weekend using it as a leader/ender project.  It's my April goal so it's packed in the box for the quilt retreat.

9.  Man's 1/2 square triangle quilt for Victoria's Quilts.  I joined a local group yesterday and I'm kind of excited to be working with them and making quilts for cancer patients.  This is also going to the quilt retreat with me.

More gratuitous shots of my new favorite quilt:

Gah, look at the color in those batiks!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Love those batiks :) You're right, the color is fantastic! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm a little sad I quit buying batiks.

  2. The batik quilt is interesting ... but I'm curious about the Fireside Smores Tea. I can't imagine what that tastes like ...

    1. It's not bad :) Check out my blog tomorrow, I'll post a picture of the loose tea complete with toasted marshmallows :)

  3. You can post the picture of that quilt every time you post! I won't get tired of it! I'm a little green with envy that you are going to a quilt retreat. But...I can live vicariously through you, when you return and tell us about all the fun you had there!

    1. Thanks! I'll hopefully be updating from there, but it'll depend on how late we're up and all that. I can't wait to see the quilts the other ladies are working on.

  4. Lovely set of WIPs! I hope you have a fantastic and productive retreat! I dream of the day I will be able to go on one. ;-)