Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quilt retreat preparation and tea

In my last post, someone commented on the Fireside S'mores tea.  I bought it on a whim as my favorite tea place (teaopia) was closing.  It actually has tiny little toasted marshmallows in it.  I really like it, but most of the time I pick the marshmallows out and eat them on their own because melting them in a cup of tea seems such a waste.  I don't know that it tastes like a s'more, but it is good.

This was how my box of goodies looked after I packed it last night.  That's since changed because I can't help but add things to my list of projects I might work on.  I should be packing a suitcase.  I'm not, yet.  Nope, just more projects.

I have so little to do on this one it seems a shame to leave it at home, really.  Sashing and posts and I've got a complete top, right?

Stack of squares for the hourglass block.  This is going to be heavily yellow, I can't wait.

This dizzying quilt only needs one last row to complete it.  That last row is done except for one block.  Again, shame to leave it at home, no?  I mean, I might be able to finish these at Mom and Dad's tomorrow night, right?

I don't think I've mentioned this, but I'm on a bit of a stash diet.  I have a LOT since I bought about 41 yards off a friend who was cleaning out her stash at fire sale kind of prices.  Which spurred a lot of this "OMG, I NEED TO USE MY STASH!" planning I've been doing.  And the mass slicing up of fabric into things like 2.5" strips.

But at the retreat, there will be two local quilt shops with stuff to buy.  Plus I know my mother will drag me to the shop in town and it'd be wrong to leave without buying something wouldn't it?  So I think I need to add cash to my list of things to get on the way out of town after work.  Dinner, fuel, cash, then off I go.

And finally preparation for some fun and games (Note my clever use of 2.5" strips from my stash?).  Strip poker - two games are planned.  For one we were requested to bring four black and white strips.  The other game, four strips in primary colors.  Since all of my yellows are chopped up for hourglass blocks, I was left with red. Cross your fingers for me.  I just can't decide which game I want to win.  Probably black and white.  It would make an interesting postage stamp quilt, no?

Also, fabric won in things like raffles, door prizes, and strip poker does not count against my stash diet.  It's like Grandma always said about angel food cake - there are no calories, it's just air!

Can you tell I'm excited about this retreat?  It's only my third one ever, but I really hope to be somewhat productive. 

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  1. There's nothing like a retreat! I haven't been on one for a few years but they're always fun, let-your-hair-down events. Have fun!