Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Results of the mini quilt retreat with my mother.

End result?  More shopping done than actual quilting.  I should've known with Christmas so close that a visit to the city would require more shopping.  She commented at the end of the weekend that she thought we'd get more sewing done.  Really?  Well.  I wasn't the one who wanted to do everything else.  Although, I do take full responsibility for my Christmas party.  And the pampered chef party...

Anyway, sewing did get done.  The first night, we watched some TV so I was able to get working on my hand quilting.

I LOVE this block.   I suspect I'll be making a quilt out of it in the future.

Flying geese.  Oh.  Flying geese.
I started quilting on this one when I needed a quick break from the red and green. 

We also spent Friday afternoon quilting.
Lookit all those geese.  Yeesh.  In the end, I've almost finished the full 45 needed to do one of the 12 strips of geese on my flying geese quilt.  I don't think I'll ever sew another goose ever again after this.  Ever.

I also got started prewashing the fabrics for the kids' pillow cases.  Fresh out of the dryer, here's the first batch - pinks and light blues.
Tonight I'll be sewing up a bunch of lovely, soft pillowcases.

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