Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ahh, back from vacation and a note about style

Maybe I should just say Aloha since we spent a week in Hawaii and I've spent this last week recovering from it :)  Too much relaxation.  Although I don't think that should be possible so it could just be reality shock.

I've finally caught up on my Google Reader reading (only to find out it's going away) and all the great posts and pictures about Quilt Con.  I'm so jealous of those that were able to attend as well as those who had quilts hanging in the show.  

 And seeing all those great quilt in one place made me think about my quilting style.  While I love looking at modern quilts and sometimes stealing bits of it (solids and modern fabrics mostly) I have to accept the fact that I'm firmly a traditional quilter.  I'm not blazing trails.  I'm not even close to the cutting edge of the quilting world.  Which is fine with me.

I like stars and clean points and symmetrical designs (although the lure of the asymmetrical is growing stronger every day). But I think my quilting can grow and mature by taking bits and pieces from the modern quilting trend and making it work for me.  Right now it seems to be low volume prints (although that could be yesterday's trend and Modern Quilting has already moved on).  Less bold colors.  Might work.

And solids and negative space are another tool that I could easily incorporate more of in my work.

When I corral my jealousy while reading blogs, I realize it isn't a bad thing to be a follower.  But maybe I should try to move away from the back of the pack.

And here's hoping I manage to get back to my quilting and cutting so I have something to show you soon.

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