Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm not neglecting my quilting

I'm not neglecting my blog either.  Well, ok, that I'm doing a little bit. 

I was really gung ho about quilting this year until we went on vacation and I spent time snorkeling, geo-caching, reading and relaxing in paradise.  The pictures you will see here are from that.  Everyone needs eye candy and I need my happy place for a moment or two.

And then I came home and spent a week trying to get used to getting up at 5:30 am.

I spent an entire weekend sitting on my butt in front of the couch.  Which, quite frankly, is doing nothing towards getting me running a half marathon (or losing weight) again.  This last weekend, I actually got up and did stuff. 

I started spring cleaning.
I worked on finishing my rail fence quilt for my friend.

And I watched more TV.  Seriously, Judi Dench is amazing, but she's doing nothing to get me quilting.  Neither is Nathan Fillion, Jason Bateman and David Tennant.  But I digress.

The quilt I'm working on?  That fabulous quilt I'd been anticipating making for years?  In my favoritest colors ever?  They're even my high school colors.  And some of the fabrics in there are too awesome for words.

I hate it. 

Hate. It.

I don't even have pictures of it because right now I want nothing to do with it. I even decided against using the borders (which were already cut out) because that would extend the amount of time I'd be working on it.

I did force myself to actually finish the quilting on it.  I even squared it up while watching Harrison Ford in Morning Glory last night.  So it really just needs binding.  I'm so close.

Have you ever had a quilt you thought would be the greatest thing ever turn so horribly wrong?  And it isn't even that the quilt went wrong anywhere.  It looks great.  I squared up the blocks prior to sewing the top together so most of the seams match up.  The back is pucker free - (first. time. EVER).  I just hate working on it so much right now.

Just a binding.  Then I can move onto something better.

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