Thursday, March 21, 2013

WIP Wed...errr Thursday

I'm a little ashamed of my growing number of WIPs.

On the one hand, it's great that the Lovely Year of Finishes has helped me actually FINISH some (all but one of the quilts in the picture above, in fact).

But on the other side of that, there's the projects that I'm starting.  So here goes, my WIP list for this week, complete with recycled pictures.

1.  This is now hanging out as a mostly finished quilt top.  The rail fence blocks are complete and they're sewn together and look lovely.  I'm undecided about the border, but it is cut out so maybe I should just suck it up and finish it already.  This is also my Lovely Year of Finishes goal for March.  I have three threads for quilting this - a medium grey, a red and a white.  It'll be straight line quilted and probably finished with either a black and white or a red binding.

2.  Stash busting Triangles - All the little ones are cut out. I'm most of the way through the big triangles.  Will probably work on this one during the quilt retreat.

3.  Stash Busting hourglassess - still have about a hundred 4.5" squares to cut out.  So. Much. Cutting.

4.  Stash Busting wedges - Have several 8" strips of fabric.  Am debating playing with wedge size and solids throughout this one so I haven't finished cutting.

5.  The quilt with no name.  Next up for quilting.

6.  Daisy Doodles - quilt from a magazine.  Cut out, ready to sew together.  Will be quick and easy when I get to it.

7.  Pinwheel sampler - just needs sashing and posts added then layering and quilting.

8.  Log cabin table runner - log cabins are done, just need some dark batik or solid fabric for sasing and borders.  

9.  Flying geese quilt - sewed together some more geese with the white background, but not many

10.  Snowballs - still waiting for backing/batting/quilting.

11. Strawberry fields roman square/postage stamp quilt - needs backing/batting/quilting

12. Halloween quilt - needs quilting finished.

13.  Spring flowers quilt - I've decided to use dresden plates on the background for the flowers rather than the original applique.  I'll need some yellow and peach bits of fabric to get this one finished.

In my defense, I've actually finished things this year - Shattered (twin sized), 2 baby quilts, 3 pillows and my Christmas quilt.  That's some progress for me.

I currently have 4 quilt tops finished and ready for quilting.  So close to finishes and getting off this list!  Soon.  I also have an upcoming quilt retreat that will move MANY of these from bits and pieces to finished tops.  It's kind of exciting.

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