Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colour in quilts

When it comes to quilts, my biggest struggle is colour.  I happen to like bright, bold colours and while they're gorgeous, they require a bit of caution when putting them into a quilt.  You'll see this when I post my UFOs here later this week.  My quilt shop offers about 6 weekend classes on the colour wheel and using it in your quilts.  I will be signing up for that.

But in the meantime, I decided to take some inspiration from other sources.  First, here's a quilt my Mom is working on
I love the blues and yellows so much.

Yeah, this is my wedding bouquet, but look at the oranges and reds.  Which is where I get into trouble.  
I love the colours in this photo from St. Andrews in Scotland, but I would never walk into a quilt shop and go straight to them.  Maybe I should.

Pinks are another colour that I don't often choose, but it looks stunning here with grey and green
And here with darker colours and white.
Or maybe even black and brown.

I think my next fabric purchase is going to involve pulling colour out of a picture to use in a quilt.

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