Friday, October 22, 2010

I spent a day at work reading.

Normally, there would've been a blog post yesterday.  I usually will take a break throughout the morning if I find I'm losing focus and stop thinking about work.  At that point, I'll create a blog post with pictures I've uploaded from home, or even text that I've sent myself for future blog entries.

Yesterday, I got to work and my computer was doing funny things.  Really funny and it wouldn't connect to any server.  So I logged off and tried to log on again.  "Your account has been deactivated."  Very funny.  Let's try that again.  "Your accont has been deactivated."

Ummmmm.  I peek at my boss's office and try again.  Third time's the charm right?  (I know.  And I'm IN I.T.!)

Next step?  Call the help desk with a healthy dose of "WTF?"

"One moment....  Yes, your name is on the list of people who've been hit by a virus.  We've shut down your account and will be scanning your profile.  Please disconnect your computer from the network and someone will by by to scan your desktop to make sure that it has no virus." 

Ahhhh ok.  Perfect.  I hang up, disconnect my computer and wait.  I drink some coffee and wait.

And wait.

I pick up my book that I use for bus reading and I read. 

Two hours later, I've told my coworkers, finished my coffee and I'm really a lot like a hummingbird in my cubicle.  Focusing on one thing for a few seconds before popping my head up to see if anyone helpdesk-like is making their way to my desk. 


I finish my book.  Talk to my coworkers.  Call the helpdesk for an ETA.  No ETA.  Large volume of people affected, no idea when they'll get to me. 

Project manager suggests that working downtown is great with all the shopping nearby.  I go shopping and return to my desk 33 minutes later with a stack of books from the used book store believing that SOMEONE would've been to my desk by now.


I read some more, eat lunch, check with the chair of my afternoon meeting to make sure I have the time and location right.  Read some more.

Attend my meeting.  Project manager tells me I might as well go home so at 3:05pm I hit the road (ok, the bus route) and I'm on my way home.  Today is my day off.

Do you think by Monday I'll have my account back?  How about Wednesday since I'm out of the office on Monday and Tuesday?

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