Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fort Edmonton Park Murder Mysteries

Last week, Mr. Moose and I had the opportunity to attend a Murder Mystery night at the Selkirk Hotel in Fort Edmonton Park.   It was an event organized through work and I wasn't really sure what to expect at all.  We've never really done anything like that before.

I must say that it was amazing.  The evening entertainment is provided by The Metropolitan Murder Company.  If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of their murder mysteries, go.  We saw Don't Turn That Dial and loved every minute of it.  I even ended up in the production as the hotel clerk.  I'm normally terrified of that kind of thing, but it is such a small audience that it really wasn't all that bad.

At the Selkirk Hotel (for this mystery), you walk into the hotel lobby and are instantly a part of the unfolding events.  The cast of the radio show are wandering around involving guests.  Mia tells you the gossip, Edgar is looking for people to fill the roles of missing cast mates, another member is telling you how he'd be happy if the show's star was hit by a bus, etc, etc, etc.  You can talk to them and ask them questions.  Eventually, the doors to the dining area are opened and you all go in and find your seats.  Then the radio show begins, building up motive for all of the suspects and detailing events pertinent to the mystery.

Then there's a murder.  The police detective takes over and off you go.  He questions suspects and allows guests to question suspects.  He then posts all of the clues for everyone to read and you need to figure who did it, why and how/when.

So much fun.  We didn't win.  We had the who and the why and even the how, but we got the timeline wrong.  And when I say "we" I mean Mr. Moose, of course.


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