Friday, October 8, 2010

What are your plans for Halloween?

The Mooses are typically pretty lame.  We're that house that turns off it's lights and doesn't hand out candy to your kids.  Now, hold onto those rotten eggs for a minute, there've been a few reasons for this.  First of all, lack of willpower.  Complete lack of willpower.  We probably bought candy, but in all honesty, we ate it.  Then we bought more, promising NOT to eat it... and we ate it too.

Second, we've been hermits for far too long.  Mr. Moose is decidedly anti-holiday, but I've been slowly working on that.  We do tend to like people.  Mostly.  But it'd be great if kids in the area could get on a schedule (that starts AFTER I get home from work) and all come in the same half hour to an hour.  Because our TV is upstairs and we're pretty boring.  So to sit downstairs and wait for all the happy monsters to make the rounds usually involves eating more candy.

I know.  You COULD argue that running up and down stairs after eating all of that halloween candy would be fantastic exercise for us.  But you wouldn't.  Right?

But this year, I've inched Mr. Moose even further out of hermitville.  I've convinced him we should have a party!  And it's gonna be fun (it'll even involve children).  We're going to carve pumpkins!  I've already started shopping for the required materials
and I can't wait to have everyone carving pumpkins in my kitchen.  Stay tuned.  There will be pictures of the end results.  In a few weeks.

I do love that Pumpkin Masters has come out with a ridiculously child friendly carving set.  A crayon is used to mark the pattern rather than a poking tool (terminology is my friend).  Parents are still going to want to watch the kids, but it's for 6+ years which fits the age groups of kids we've invited.

I can't wait.

Also, today would be my Mom's birthday.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.  Your cake is cooling right now.  (Cake updates will happen when I get back from Thanksgiving (Canada) with the family - so Monday)

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